Neem Pure – Organic Neem Oil Pesticide


Premium neem seed oil extract. Neem Oil is used to eradicate pests the natural way, an organic form of pesticide that systemically removes pests while doing no damage to the plant and the soil.Size: 240mlFeatures:✓ Natural broad spectrum bio-insecticide✓ May reduce dependency on harmful chemical pesticide✓ Works best systemically✓ Natural extract✓ Organic materials✓ Natural alternative to manufactured pesticidesApplication Method:- Foliar spraying- DrenchingFrequency:- Foliar spraying : Once per week- Drenching : Once per monthDilution Rate for Liquid Fertiliser/Fertilizer mix:- Foliar spraying & Drenching: 10 mL (~ 1.5 cap) to 1 L waterApplication Rate for Foliar Spraying:- Fine coating on branches, stems, leaves and air rootsApplication Rate for Drenching:- Small Pot (10 cm – 20 cm) : 10 mL – 50 mL- Medium Pot (20 cm – 40 cm) : 50 mL – 150 mL- Large Pot (40 cm – 80 cm) : 150 mL – 500 mL- Garden bed (Varies in sizes) : 1 L/m2Instructions:- Shake or stir well before use- Spray Neem Oil Insecticide early morning or late eveningTypical Analysis W/V:- Neem seed cold pressed oil – 85%- SG – 0.9- Appearance – Golden yellowStorage & Handling:- Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight- This product has been tested to store safety down to 5 degrees- Crystallization or sedimentation may occur below 5 degrees- Do not pre-mix or store in diluted form- Seal lip/cap immediately after use

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