Organic Premium Compost 5L


BenefitsOrganic Compost has an unique ability to improve the qualities of soils and growing media physically by improving soil structure and biologically providing nutrition while simultaneously improve drainage when the air compost binds up with the soil into bits; improving movement. It also provides greater drought resistance and more efficient water utilization. The real benefits of using Compost are long term and related to its content of living Organic matter.How to UseResurrect existing soil condition.Add a top mulch of Organic Compost to your existing soil or add it into the roots zone with soil every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain and receive optimal results for your plant. PH value (1:5)7.68Electrical Conductivity (EC)1.27 mS/cmOrganic Matter78%Carbon Nitorgen Ratio (C:N Ratio)17Moisture Content 20%Particle size for compost >9.5mm4%Particle size for compost 96%

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